It is time. Time to gather photographs and art work for ArtWalk 2011 held in Keene New Hampshire. My theme for this year is “Sugaring in New Hampshire, a study in the process of turning sap into maple syrup.” It will be a collection of digital and film photographs, as well as a small collection of pen and ink, and colored pencil works. I plan on having a minimum of twelve pieces on display in one of the storefronts.

On another note, I am going to be investing in a lovely new printer that does up to 13”x19” prints! I will be able to do cheaper prints for anyone interested.

~M Ashley~

"Syrup Bottles"

(C) 2011 M Ashley Photography

Samples of maple syrup in it’s variations. Taken at a sugar house over the weekend where they were boiling sap into maple syrup.

Ad for the local 4H ads book sales

(C) 2011 M Ashley Photography


(C) 2011 M Ashley Photography

(C) 2011 M Ashley Photography


Concept art for “Red Riding Hood” and the “Snow Queen” are complete. “Alice” is currently in the work, still trying to figure out a top for her outfit. I’m still working on ideas for “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Snow White,” “Princess and the Frog,” “Goldilocks,” “The Red Shoes,” “The Emperors New Clothes,” and “The Little Mermaid.” This is one of the largest photography productions I’ve done to date. I plan to start shooting in two weeks after I have finished spring break; the “Snow Queen” will be the first set shot. “Red” will be shot as soon as I finish making a wolf head and a wolf mask. All my models are excited to model for me, which makes me even more excited to shoot.

M Ashley

"Touch of Green"

(C) 2011 M Ashley


(C) 2011 M Ashley